『Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass』vol. 22010.10.22

『Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass』vol. 2

Roman Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass 2

  • David Whitehouse
  • 1997
  • The Corning Museum of Glass
  • 381ページ
  1. Forword (まえがき)
  2. Acknowledgments (謝辞)
  3. Introduction (序論)
  4. Catalog (カタログ)
    G. Objects with Mold-Blown Ornament or Inscriptions (型吹き文・銘文入りガラス)
    H. Objects with Applied Ornament (熔着装飾ガラス)
    I. Gold Glasses (金箔ガラス)
    J. Painted and Gilded Glass (ペイント装飾ガラスと金彩ガラス)
  5. Bibliography (参考文献)
  6. Concordances (記載番号一覧)
    1. Accession Numbers (アクセス番号)
    2. Sangiorgi Collection (サンジョルジ・コレクション)
    3. Smith Collection (スミス・コレクション)
    4. Strauss Collection (シュトラウス・コレクション)
  7. Indexes (索引)
    1. General (一般)
    2. Reported Find-Places and Previous Owners (出土地、寄贈者)
    3. Subjects and Inscriptions (題材・銘)
  8. Drawings (実測図)

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